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    Every time you order food, we donate 100% of the profits to Hike for Help or other a non profit organizations that help impoverished regions around the world.

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  • Sherpa Spirit - Sherpa Strong

    Sherpas have guided countless climbers to the top of Mount Everest, keeping them safe and comfortable. We are Sherpas and vow to treat you with the same dedication and care.

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    Get the food you want delivered right now conveniently to your door, and help Hike for Help feed children in Nepal

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  • Eat and Feed Children in Nepal

    For every meal you order, we feed an impoverished child in Nepal that would have otherwise have gone hungry.

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  • Restaurant Partners

    Let us deliver your meals, we donate our profits and you get the tax deduction. Feel good knowing that for every meal delivered we provide food for a child in need in Nepal

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    restaurant delivery company donates 100% of profits to Nepali charities
  • Drive for Us

    Work for a kind and caring non-profit organization. We pay you well and for every meal you deliver we deliver food to a hungry child in Nepal

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GivingGrub is a state of the art food ordering and delivery company that gives 100% of its profits to charitable self sustainability projects in Nepal

We are Sherpa Strong Fast and Efficient Reliable Reasonably Priced Donating All Profits

Give Back with Your Next Food Order

donation with every food delivery order from Northglenn restaurant

Order Food – Help Nepal

When you order a delicious piping hot meal from GivingGrub, we feed a hungry person in Nepal and we donate 100% of our profits to charities around the world.

Clothing drive in Nepal we donate our profits to charity


We provide reliable speedy delivery at a reasonable price.  Improve your brand image by partnering with a delivery company that donates all profits and benefit from the tax deduction.

Why GivingGrub

We are Sherpas.  We have climbed Mount Everest and cut our teeth in the harshest environment on earth.  We are hard working, skilled and dedicated people who bring that tenacity to food delivery.

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Drive for Us

Be part of a kinder food delivery service. Giving Grub offers flexible schedules, perks, generous wages, and is a great company to work for. Feel good knowing that you are working for an organization that donates all profits to charity while you receive generous compensation.

feel good about our service knowing we feed hungry children

We Donate All Profits

GivingGrub donates all profits to Hike for Help and other charities around the world.  We are real Sherpas who grew up in Nepal and have built this delivery company to give back and express our gratitude for our good fortune. When you place an order we feed a hungry child in Nepal.

Nepali charities benefit from your restaurant food orders

Nominate a Charity

When founding this company, we selected Hike for Help as the charity to donate our profits to.  As we are growing we have increasing opportunities to help other worthy non-profit organizations and we welcome your suggestions.

Why GivingGrub?

User Friendly App

We designed the GivingGrub app to meet your needs. It is easy to navigate and has special features that let you save your history, so you always have your favorites right at your finger tips.

We Deliver Anywhere

Have us bring mouthwatering food not just your home. We can come to your office, the PTA meeting, your bridal shower, your corporate retreat, or your kid’s baseball game.

Sherpa Spirit

We are ethnic Sherpas from Nepal who have guided climbers to the top of Mount Everest with dedication and care to make sure they arrived safely. We treat you with the same devotion and diligence.

Order Gift Cards

A GivingGrub gift card is perfect for birthdays, house warming gifts, an apology, support for a friend in need, or a contribution to celebrate just about any occasion like weddings or graduations. It is also a great way to say ‘Thank You’.

Suggest a Restaurant

If you don’t see your favorite restaurant, let us and them know, and we will contact them to sign them up.  We will thank you with a coupon for your next order. New restaurants are added all the time and we love your feedback and suggestions.

Give a Meal

Treat a friend, family member or coworker to a delicious meal.  You place the order and we deliver a yummy food surprise to them. You warm their heart and yours, knowing that for the meal you have ordered we are feeding a poor person in Nepal.

Meals Delivered
Meals donated
Profits Donated

Featured Charity – Hike For Help

Browse Some of Hike For Help’s Projects

Order restaurant food in Golden we donate to clinic in Nepal

Clinic in Hewa

Hike for Help volunteers built this beautiful primary care clinic in Hewa Thaksindu, in Nepal.

Food delivery profits donated for public restroom Mount Everest

Restroom Mount Everest

Hike for Help volunteers constructed the first coin operated public restroom on the Everest Base Camp Trail in Nepal.

order food delivery and profits are donated to clothing drive

Clothing Drive

Hike for Help volunteers hand out clothes at the Sano Gumela school donation event in Nepal.

Hike for Help Programs

Hike for Help serves in ways that allow communities to become self sustaining.  Projects are initiated and completed with significant resident input, ideas and actions from community members, committees and local governments.

Teaching & Education

Hike for Help is dedicated to providing teaching, training, education and supplies in partnership with schools in the Khumbu Valley in Nepal.

Economic Development

Hike for Help volunteers support the economic advancement of the Dalit people of the Khumbu Valley, a historically marginalized caste, through the development of a handicraft workshop projects.  This allows members of the Dalit community to craft metal works of art and sell those to tourists along the Everest Base Camp Trail.

Public Health & Sanitation

Hike for Help is committed to helping communities in Nepal improve the public heath of people in the regions. Completed projects include significant contributions to local clinics, the development of clean drinking water solutions and the construction of the first public restroom in the Khumbu Valley.


Infrastructure Projects


The trail system in Nepal is critical to transportation as it is an area that relies heavily on foot traffic.  Hike for Help volunteers are working to restore individual trails and to improve the trail systems throughout the Khumbu Valley to ensure easier access to villages and to promote economic development.