Let Us Deliver For Your Restaurant

Partnering with GivingGrub for your food deliveries comes with many benefits that will save you money and grow your business

  • We Deliver for Less

    Our rates are reasonable and lower than the majority of other food delivery services.

    Food delivery can be costly for restaurants.  We also own a restaurant and have seen this from both sides, which is why we are offering very fair rates that are more reasonable than those of most of our competitors.  Contact us today to find out more.

  • We Grow Your Business

    GivingGrub Exposes You to New Markets and Demographics

    Our offer goes beyond that of the typical delivery service.  In addition to expanding your reach and bringing you new customers, we reach eaters who want to contribute towards helping others.

  • Strengthen Your Brand

    When you let GivingGrub deliver your meals you benefit from us donating all profits to charity.

    What can be better for improving your brand and and strengthening your image than using a food delivery service that donates 100% of their profits to reputable worthy charities around the world?

  • Take Advantage of a Hot Trend

    Restaurant delivery was increasing even before Covid as people’s lives are getting busier. Experts believe delivery is here to stay.

    An increasing number of diners no longer have the time to eat out regularly. Delivery fits their life style better and is popular especially with Millennials. The booming gig economy also results in lifestyle changes that make delivery a wonderful option and does the growing number of single households.

  • Tax Benefits

    We donate 100% of Our Profits to Charity and You Get the Benfeit of the Deduction

    We started GivingGrub to donate to non profit organizations and raise funds for charities like Hike for Help. We are donating 100% of our profits and that comes with a tax benefit which we pass on to our partnering restaurants.

  • Sherpa Strong Service

    Sherpas have unparalleled work ethics, giving you access to the best delivery drivers in the business

    We are Sherpas who have guided countless climbers up to the top of Mount Everest, protecting them from danger and caring for their safety, health, comfort and well being. We vow to do no less for you and your restaurant.

Why Delivery

Food delivery is increasing steadily and is expected to reach 5.1% annually with restaurants being the largest market segment. (statista.com). And that was before Covid-19, which has increased people’s exposure to ordering food and even drinks.  Delivery opens up a whole new market segment to your restaurant, not only are you no longer limited by seating capacity, but you stand to gain customers who would not normally come to your restaurant. GivingGrub advertises for customers and extends your reach significantly. Digital ordering and delivery have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014, and 57% of millenials say they prefer eating restaurant delivered food at home while watching movies, to dining out. You may have even seen a slow down in dine in customers that is easily offset and outperformed by delivery and take out.  Covid-19 put another twist on the delivery trend.  During quarantine, deliveries were a life line for restaurants, but even when restaurants started to re-open, deliveries remained high.

Here are 18 important statistics from upserve.com:

Why GivingGrub Delivery

Backed by the Sherpa House in Golden, a restaurant that has been successful for over 9 years, GivingGrub ads a new dimension to food delivery by donating 100% of it’s profits to charity. This gives diners a strong incentive to chose GivingGrub food delivery over any of it’s competitors. Lhakpa Sherpa, the owner of the Sherpa House, Sherpa Brewery and Sherpa Landscaping, founded GivingGrub to give back to the community in deep gratitude for his good fortune.

“With love and compassion in mind, I am able to lay out these opportunities and I hope to continue to do this for a long time.” Lhakpa Sherpa 2018

GivingGrub is a green company, using hybrid and electric vehicles to deliver your food. The company is run by genuine Sherpas, who have ascended Mount Everest, the toughest climb on earth, several times. They bring endurance, tenacity, strength and unparalleled integrity to the job. Just like they guided climbers safely and with great care on the treacherous climb in Nepal, they will care diligently for your food delivery and make sure your customers are happy and satisfied.

We can help you build additional take out and delivery business, by advising on adding loyalty incentives, such as the 10th meal for half price and/or offering special promotions like a discount coupon or free desert for diners who order for the first time.

A Genuine Ethnic Gift From Nepal

When you sign up with GivingGrub to be a participating restaurant and let us deliver your meals, we will express our sincere gratitude with something special imported directly from Nepal.  You will receive a beautiful handcrafted item made with great care by the Nepali resident Hike for Help is assisting.

Signing up is easy. Contact us today and in a few simple steps we’re delivering your meals tomorrow.